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XII° Symposium

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Argos president message

Dear Friends,
Once again, we will meet in the conference halls of the Maison des Arts & Métiers, Avenue d’Iéna in Paris to share our knowledge with one another in the domain of spinal surgery. This pathology gives rise to numerous innovations both in diagnostics and treatments. The sphere of activity is wide since surgery is performed at all
levels of the spinal column, from the occiput to the sacrum.

Succeeding Doctor Jean-Pierre Elsig who was the president of the 11th symposium, Professor Stefano Boriani does us the honour of presiding over this 12th symposium. At his suggestion, we will focus more specifically on complications. Thus the main theme of the different proceedings for the year 2008 will be the prevention and treatment of complications in spinal surgery. We had to make a selection between the various possible topics and we have chosen those which have seemed the most relevant and significant ones in our daily practice. We will explore successively spinal cord vascularisation and cerebrospinal fluid, as well as their physiology. Next, we will address the issues related to tumour recurrence and those occurring within the
context of surgical management of idiopathic scoliosis. We will also turn our attention to late infections arising in this pathology.

The last sessions will be dedicated to the complications observed in this new field of spinal surgery represented by arthroplasty, at both cervical and lumbar levels.

For the 1st time, this edition will focus on the history of spinal surgery. In this way, I will have the privilege and honour to acknowledge the experience of Professor Raymond ROY-CAMILLE and his invaluable input to spinal surgery. As a former student of his for over 10 years, I was eager to have the opportunity to pay homage to him.

2007 has been a great transition year for the Association ArgoSpine and the ArgoSpine Board would like to express its sincere gratitude to the new sponsors that have joined us recently for their involvement. It is essential to understand that the contribution of our sponsors is not limited to financial matters; on the contrary, the sponsorship committee that meets twice a year plays both a scientific and strategic role in the growth of ArgoSpine. This close collaboration between the world of the industry and the scientific world to which we belong is one of our specific features, it will also ensure the quality and durability of ArgoSpine.

We wish you all to enjoy this 2008 congress.

— Prof. Christian MAZEL

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